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Family Literacy Night - Hough Reads

APRIL 2018: Cleveland Chums Very Own Chante Thomas was the featured celebrity author at this event, sharing her recently published book, “Where I’m From,” illustrated by Cleveland based artist, Jennifer Price Davis. It is a delightful book which truly celebrates the diversity and inclusiveness of our society. This book will be a great addition to each elementary school classroom and library and is a great read for children and adults alike.

The Cleveland Chapter of Chums, Inc. in collaboration with Hough Reads, participated in the Family Literacy Night at the Cleveland Public Library’s Hough Branch on July 5th.


About Chante Thomas: Chante Thomas is an elementary school teacher. This is her first published book; her love for geography inspired her to bring to life these wonderfully diverse characters. She has tried to instill in all of her students a sense of pride in knowing: whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever your experiences are…you are amazing and have the best of both worlds.

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