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hums “Healthy 4 Me” themes address important issues for the health and wellness of youth and teens.

1. Promoting Mental Health: Health includes both physical and mental well-being. Families, friends, health providers, teachers, coaches, and others can contribute to a child’s self-worth, self-confidence, and sense of joy. Chums can address positive Mental Health with support, information and workshops on what to expect, when to be concerned, and where to find community resources. (i.e., depression, suicide, bullying)

2. Promoting Healthy Nutrition (Healthy Food and Eating): Nutrition contributes the main part of children’s growth, lifelong health, and well-being. The family’s culture and access to healthy foods help shape eating habits. Chums can help with workshops, and resources to learn when and what to eat and how to prepare foods to keep healthy. (i.e., healthy recipes, cooking with the chums)

3. Promoting Physical Activity: Get Moving! This message is for everybody. Being physically active helps children and families build healthy habits that support a lifetime of health and well-being. Sports, games, and other activities are a great way for children and adults to develop new skills and have fun. In addition, physical activity combined with good nutrition helps promote a healthy weight. Chums can provide or promote classes and programs for physical activities such as dancing, yoga, walking etc.

4. Promoting Oral Health: A key part of child’s overall health, oral health is more than teeth. It includes gums, lips, mouth, and face. It also includes chewing and swallowing because these motions impact a child’s nutrition and well-being. Oral health may also affect children’s self-confidence—how they feel about their overall appearance. Chums can connect with their local dental association, dental school, health department or dentist to support outreach and information on dental care.

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