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“Children are the Cornerstone to our Future.” 


Children are the Cornerstone to our Future.

The statistics say that 1.2 million students drop out of high school every year, many falling into a cycle of poverty, unemployment and violence.

Drop-out rates are also related to higher rates of imprisonment, with minorities disproportionately affected. Studies show that high school drop-outs are eight (8) times more likely to be incarcerated. 

Even with the staggering statistics and studies, there is hope!  Chums Incorporated is a group of women who invest their time and use their influence to make our communities and society better places to live as a whole, by listening to our children and doing our part to enrich their lives. 

We establish relationships with schools, churches, child care services.  We partner with different organizations to identify the needs of our children and leverage our efforts to remove distractions that keep them from focusing on school, increase their confidence levels and assist with them with having strong relationships with their parents and family. We have projects that address children’s social skills and future educational needs, especially with the STEM programs.  

How ChumsCLE can help.

In keeping with the national Chums Inc. theme of  'listen to the children…enrich their lives', ChumsCLE provides scholarships to  benefit young adults attending college for the first time who have a documented financial need.  

The scholarship is a one-time scholarship award for a nominated recipient to be voted on and announced each October.  Family members/relatives of a Chum are not eligible for this scholarship. 

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